Confidence & Self Esteem

Do you apply any of these labels to yourself: inferiority, insecurity, lack of self-acceptance, self-blame, self-hate, self-pity, victim of ….?

Too fat..too thin..too short…too tall…too young…too old… What are you “too…” or “not enough…”?  Who says?

How would your LIFE be different if you really believed in yourself?

Who would you like to be going forwards?

Tough questions.  Most people can easily list their faults, their shortcomings and reasons (= excuses) for not living the life they say they want.  However, my challenge to you is to tell me what you DO want, who you DO want to be and how you want your life to look and feel.  Then we shall create it but I believe it will start with looking at how you approach life, the values you hold and we shall probably find some negative limiting beliefs which are stopping you.  Unconscious sabotage.


Fear of success?  Yes, we can be so focused on all the reasons why not, the people who have let us down and knocked us back that we lose sight of how our life could be if it all fitted into place.  An unconscious fear of success means stopping ourselves from succeeding.  Now why would you do that?  Beliefs, habits, how other people will react, changing relationships….the list goes on.

Let’s stop that story in your head.  We could spend hours analysing all the reasons why life is not happening for you but then I would rather you find a psychotherapist and book in weekly sessions for the next two years.  I want to help you see yourself differently, boost your unconscious mind with what we call “ego strengthening” and lead you to a different outcome, sooner rather than later.

We shall look at what you are good at (what do you mean “nothing”?) and how others see you then work on the areas where you can improve.

Some people are confident at work but go to pieces socially or vice versa.  Perhaps they are acting out a role which is not truly theirs.

Tony Robbins talks about “CANI” – Constant and Never-Ending Improvement.  The Japanese call it Kaizen.  My aim is to listen to you as you are now and boost your confidence, your self-belief and your self-esteem.  I am not talking about making you cocky and arrogant, no, confidence which shines through and the belief that “you can…”

Like thousands before you, you can use hypnosis to build deep inner confidence and unshakeable self-belief.


There are several specific areas of confidence building:

  1. Public speaking  – My favourite as I have progressed from a shy, blushing, timid girl to a woman who loves to talk in front of a group.  Maybe you have to give a Best Man’s or Father of the Bride speech.  You don’t want to be embarrassed but have no idea where to start.

“I just want to let you know that the presentation to the Government Minister went really well and I actually enjoyed it.” - G.P., a man who six months earlier nearly fainted at the thought of chairing a group and avoided any need to give a presentation.  This was a huge challenge for him and I am so proud of his achievement.

  1. Blushing – I helped a senior executive in an oil company who used to blush in board meetings.
  1. Sports performance (eg golf, tennis) – Learn the technical skills and then apply the psychological boost just as the champions do.  The book “The Inner Game of Tennis” talks about the 1% which makes the difference.

“Yipps set in after 30 years of playing golf but your technique sorted out the problem quickly.” - J.S. (short-range golf problem)

  1. Business and sales performance – Combine the power of hypnosis with the skills of NLP to make you the winner.  Find out how this help could even be tax deductible.
  1. Returning to work… after being a stay-at-home-parent, long-term illness/recovery, long-term unemployment, emprisonment or change of career.
  1. Dating confidence – Whether you are a divorcee recovering from a painful divorce or just shy and don’t know what to say to potential partners, my programme combines Hypnosis for the deep unconscious changes, NLP for how you see yourself and behave with online coaching to support you.
  1. Children and young people – It is said that we have 100% self-confidence at age 5 which has been knocked down to 5% by age 17.  Kids are laughed at by other kids or even the teachers which is often the first memory people have of giving a group presentation which gives them a fear of public speaking.  They can be subject to bullying, verbal or physical abuse.  Classmates seem to sail through exams while they have to work so hard and still fail.  There are many reasons why young people lack confidence and a belief in themselves.  It is painful to see our child fearful and not enjoying the wonderful opportunity of school.  It is also unnecessary.  Children and young people love the imaginary world of hypnosis and respond positively.  Visit my page KIDS’ PROBLEMS.
  1. Stage fright – It is reported that Adele recently resorted to hypnotherapy before the Oscars:

My approach is far more than using positive thinking and affirmations.  I use powerful  Hypnosis, NLP, Personal Development and Coaching on an individually tailored basis to really help free you from negative self-beliefs from the past or damaging past experiences and see yourself differently.


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