Freedom From Anxiety/Worry

Worrying about the “what ifs” of life is pointless. 

Most of the things you worry about will never happen.

Most of the time you are either thinking through something that happened in the past or worrying about something which might happen in the future.  All of this stops you enjoying the present.


(Although quoted in the film “Kung Fu Panda”, it was actually said by Eleanor Roosevelt.)

Your imagination is nature’s tool to get you envisaging better futures and new possibilities. Worrying is the misuse of this powerful tool. You create bad scenarios, believe them and subconsciously make them happen!

I can help you learn a new way.  Instead of going into that familiar worked up state, you will find yourself naturally relaxing down, feeling deeply calm and peaceful. All the same ‘issues’ might still be there – but you feel quite different about them.

The ‘red alert’ lifestyle of anxiety

People often compare the state of generalized anxiety to being on constant ‘red alert’. It feels as if there is an immediate ‘threat’ out there. You are constantly on the look out, even though you don’t know what you are looking for, or what you will do if you find it. It’s as if your ‘danger sensor’ has been set to trip at too low a point. Your stomach churns, you can’t think straight, you feel tense and stressed, your digestion plays up, you can’t sleep, you feel sick and there seems no way out. It’s a nightmare. Everything starts to feel threatening.


Thankfully hypnosis can help you:

  • feel more relaxed than you have felt in a long time or ever
  • experience a growing sense of calm in your mind and body
  • begin to develop a new perspective in your mind
  • find it easier to deal with what needs to be dealt with
  • become more able to set concerns aside and enjoy life
  • learn how to prevent excessive worry from returning.

Some specific types of anxiety which can be helped with hypnosis are:

stage fright, sexual performance, social anxiety, job interviews, public speaking, (Best Man’s Speech!), work presentations, team leading, cold calling, MRI scans, globus hystericus (anxiety-related throat constriction), nervous passenger, exam nerves, driving test nerves, recovery after burglary and school separation affecting a young child leaving Mummy to go to school.

What about panic attacks?

Horrible.  The problem with panic attacks is that once you have had one, you:

  1. Worry that you are going to have another one
  2. Can sometimes get a ‘conditioning effect’ that triggers panic again when you return to a similar situation to where the first one happened
  3. Tense up even if you only feel slightly anxious

These 3 factors make it more likely that you will indeed have another panic attack.

David had a panic attack on an airplane for no apparent reason.  His heart was pounding, he started screaming and felt that he could not breathe.  The cabin staff had to sedate him medically.  The next time he flew he was fine but every time afterwards, the panic returned.  He came to me for help and had also developed a fear of heights.  After two 4 hour totally calm flights, his only comment was that he was bored.  He also bought an apartment on the 6th floor and enjoyed looking down at the street.  Panic and anxiety controlled.

I use a powerful hypnotic technique to remove this effect, effectively ‘re-educating’ your unconscious mind that the situation where you experienced panic, is not a truly dangerous one.

I also treat specific fears and phobias.  You can view this treatment here.

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