Preparation For Surgery & Child Birth

Using hypnosis to prepare mentally for an operation can make you calmer, reduce the anxiety, possibly lower the amount of chemical anaesthesia required and also reduce the bruising, bleeding and time of recovery.

No one enjoys operations and it is perfectly natural and understandable that someone will feel some fear or at least apprehension at the thought of having an operation.

I know from my own experience how hypnosis can help with preparing for an operation. Read about my own experience of using hypnosis to prepare for surgery to remove a brain tumour.
Before surgery, hypnnosis can be used to lead the person into a deep state of mind and body relaxation in which positive suggestions are given straight to the unconscious mind to relieve anxiety, reduce bleeding during the operation, eliminate post surgical discomfort and even reduce the level of anaesthetic required.

Many operations are even conducted under hypnosis without anaesthesia.   A hospital in Liege, Belgium has already conducted over 5,000 operations using hypnosis for anaesthesia.

Many women choose for natural childbirth using hypnosis to control the pain rather than an epidural or drugs.  I gave birth twice using only self-hypnosis and natural methods to control the pain.  I had no tearing or bruising and recovered very quickly.

Fear raises adrenaline levels which means that more chemicals are needed to overcome the natural “fight or flight” reaction of the body and produce the state of anaesthesia.

I often use “safe place” imagery, in which the client begins by imagining him/herself in a location that feels safe and secure. Once the “safe place” is established, the feelings of safety and security are anchored in – an NLP technique – and the client watches the whole process of the surgery repeatedly but in a detached way, a bit like watching a film whilst sitting in a cinema seat. The person then rehearses successful surgery and recovery with suggestions for comfort, rapid healing and a positive attitude.

Again positive imagery aids in the rapid healing process, shortening recovery time, reducing swelling, bleeding and with a positive reduction in post-operative pain. Ideally the person would have several sessions with me to maximize the beneficial effects.

How does hypnosis help control pain after surgery?

Have you ever been engrossed in a conversation and bumped into a chair, felt nothing but noticed a bruise later on? The preoccupied mind does not notice the pain. The nerves send pain signals but they never registered in consciousness and that is how the unconscious treats post surgical pain.

Hypnosis is also used to help a patient cope with the side-effects and anxiety of chemotherapy.

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