‘Wee’ Problems

Do You Have An Embarrassing “Wee” Problem?

Do you find yourself crossing your legs and running to the loo?

Do you get caught short and have to carry spare panties with you?

Solve Your “Wee” Problem Without Prescription Drugs, Surgery or Bulky Pads

How many times have you said to yourself, “I’ll go to the loo before going out ‘just in case’” yet when you reach the shops half an hour later, you cannot find the loo fast enough?

I used to have that problem.  I am probably a woman just like you.  I am in my fifties and the mum of two sons.  After childbirth, I smiled at the midwife when she visited and reminded me to do my pelvic floor exercises.  I did them for a few seconds then forgot.  As the years went by, I noticed a sudden urge to wee and it quickly became a real problem.  As a friend said, “When you reach a certain age, you never pass a loo without popping in.”


I did not want to take medication or wear incontinence pads so I tried natural hypnosis because I know that the mind controls the body in everything.  I am now developing a programme of information and hypnosis MP3’s so that other ladies can overcome this problem.  You can register for information today at http://www.WeeProblems.com


I am also making a programme to help children who are still bedwetting after the sort of age when most children are dry at night, say 8 years old.

Does getting out of a warm bed in the middle night to change your child’s bedlinen make you irritable and cross with your child?  Are sleepovers or camps out of the question?  You want to help your children but are you going to do this by forcing your child to take medication every day, or strap on an alarm system, or make your child lie on a waterproof mat whilst wearing pull-ups?  Wouldn’t you rather offer your child something natural and fun?  Children love the storytelling aspect of hypnosis and respond very well.

Let Your Subconscious Mind Soak Up New Imagery To Control Your Bladder    

(pun intended)


Both the urinary incontinence and bedwetting programmes will soon be available on http://www.WeeProblems.com

Go ahead and register for information today.

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