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Imagine the life you dream of…without any limits: achieving your work and career goals;  enjoying phenomenal health and positive, loving relationships.  We live in times of tremendous possibility, unlimited prosperity, where change and new levels of achievement are being reached daily.

If you’re not growing and moving forward, you’re actually going backwards.

Sometimes we lose sight of what we are capable of because we are buried in the daily routine.  The weeks go by and before we know it, it is Christmas again and there are so many New Year resolutions that were not maintained, goals not achieved and the time has gone by.  We know we should place more importance on our health and relationships but somehow didn’t have the time.

Does this sound familiar?

Personal Upgrade through Life Coaching

If so, coaching can help you back on track.  Using different strategies & tools you’ll discover methods for overcoming the obstacles and limiting beliefs in your way.

Coaching will make you more effective, lead you to even greater levels of achievement and, dare I say it, happiness.

Colin Eldridge, Financial Advisor, Brussels

You only have one life so one-to-one coaching can make all the difference.  Even wealthy, high achievers work with coaches to keep them challenged and growing.

May you have no humdrum life.
- Forrest Gump

I believe we all know the answers but sometimes cannot see them.  A detached, professional coach can make you more self-aware and lead you to the “ah-ha” moments which change your life forever.


The enemies of freedom can be the habits which keep us in the comfort zone.  Habitual thinking and habitual actions can hold us back in mediocrity.  They may no longer serve a purpose.

Coaching is a partnership, not a magic wand or prescription for a happy pill.  I will work with you, not for you.  Just tell me where you want to go, what you want from life.  I will stretch you, make you take responsibility and own your life.

The mind once stretched can never go back to its original dimensions.
- Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr

Coaching can be short-term to work on an issue or achieve a specific goal.  Or over a longer period to build results.

Coaching is affordable and can be carried out face-to-face or over Skypeskype or the telephone anywhere in the world.  It can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly.  Whatever works best for you.

As your coach, I want to help you grow, change, develop, and achieve your life goals. While I will challenge you to live out your values and reach your potential, our relationship starts with your agenda, your values, and your initiative. You are responsible for your life, and you will make the choices about what actions to take and what we work on together.  I am excited about partnering with you in this journey.

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