90% of brain activity is in the unconscious mind (sometimes called the subconscious mind).  All permanent change occurs in the unconscious.  If only 10% of brain activity is in the conscious mind, is it any wonder that we can consciously know why we want to change something eg stop smoking or be rid of an irrational phobia yet we cannot make the change by ourselves?  The conscious brain activity is just the tip of the iceberg sticking out of the sea.


Hypnosis bypasses the critical factor, the doorkeeper to the unconscious mind.  Hypnotic trance is a perfectly natural state which we all experience to some extent eg when driving a car, being engrossed in a film – physically present but somehow far away.  Children live in this daydream state which is why they respond so well to hypnosis, even with their eyes open and moving around.

No one really knows how hypnosis works yet there are thousands of case studies showing how hypnosis has been used to effect positive change.  Some results have occurred after years of unsuccessful or limited results by doctors or mind therapists such as psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists.

“…hypnosis is not mind control. It’s a naturally occurring state of concentration; It’s actually a means of enhancing your control over both your mind and your body.”

Dr. David Spiegel, Assoc. Chair of Psychiatry
Stanford University School of Medicine, 
-Jane Pauley Show 9/04

As a hypnotherapist, my intention is always to help you and feed you positive suggestions which the unconscious mind stores and takes action on to achieve the results you want.

I want to assure you that you remain in control at all times and give yourself permission to enter hypnosis.  You will find it a deeply relaxing state, both mentally and physically.  It is not at all addictive but you might want to come back for more!

Hypnotherapy can help in many areas of life, some of which you are probably not even aware.  Just click on the list of Treatments above to see some of the areas hypnosis can help although there are many more.

Stop smoking  (My smokers generally stop in one session and remain non-smokers.)

“Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit.” -New Scientist, 10/1992

Shed Unwanted Weight & Feel Fit

 “With weight loss the evidence is conclusive…hypnosis does help people reduce.”     -Smithsonian Magazine, 3/1999

Overcome Addictions

eg alcohol, chocolate, sugar, drugs, medications, Facebook/social media, computer games, internet porn, cybersex, gambling.  These destroy people’s lives.

“Hypnosis seems helpful in treating addictions, and the depression and anxiety associated with them…”  -Psychology Today, 9/1996

I help adults and children 7+.

“Hypnosis can help …a growing body of research supports the ancient practice as an effective tool in the treatment of a variety of problems, from anxiety to chronic pain.” -Newsweek, 9/2004

I do not use a swinging pendulum but rather my soothing voice to lead you into trance.  It is not necessary to obtain a deep trance in order for hypnotherapy to be effective.  You will obtain the level of deep physical and mental relaxation that is right for you and find that this deepens in subsequent sessions.  I may use Clinical Hypnosis, Ericksonian Hypnosis (metaphors which work in the unconscious mind), regression to a previous event or time in your life, visualization or combine the work with NLP, Time Line Therapy and my passion for Personal Development.


Some people are better at visualizing than others because while we all use the five senses (if we are blessed with all five), we tend to use one more than the others – visual, auditory or feeling, also known as kinesthetic.  The language you use at a hypnosis session along with other quick tests will tell me which is your dominant sense and therefore the one most useful to you in therapy.

No two people are the same and that is why I offer personally tailored therapy whether face-to-face or via Skype video.skype  Call or email to find out how I can help you or a loved one to make change at the deep unconscious level.

“Change your mind to change your life.”

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